Memo on thefts of city property

What follows is a memo from Interim City Manager Jerry Moss to the Mayor and Henderson City Council regarding the investigation into the thefts of city property by city employees:

Approximately two (2) weeks ago while reviewing fuel consumption reports, other documents and computer records at the city’s Operations Center on Beckford Drive, I discovered that one employee had entered our gate with his code number ten (10) times in February between the hours of 7:49 PM and 4:50 AM. We had also had reports of employee theft of gas, oil, filters and other related items so I began an Administrative Investigation of these alleged incidents. The employees involved in this theft have been dismissed from employment with the city effective March 9, 2006.

Some fairly serious accusations were made by one of these employees indicating involvement of other city employees in theft of city property. Assistant Manager Warren and I have talked to all the employees (with one exception) that we believe may be involved in this matter and further administrative actions may be pending.

We have taken all the necessary precautions to insure all employees involved in this matter were treated with respect and their rights as an employee were not violated. Having said that, it was my belief this matter would be better handled by the SBI to assure both you and the public that this investigation would be handled appropriately. The SBI will continue with their investigation to gather evidence and take the necessary action to prosecute those involved.

This may not answer all your questions relative to this investigation but I have to be very careful not to reveal names or provide too much information which could hamper a thorough investigation of this matter. I have spoken individually to you about this matter on the telephone and will be happy to talk to you individually if you should have further questions.