City makes appointments to new EDC

The Henderson City Council made its share of appointments to the reformed Henderson-Vance Economic Development Commission during its regular short meeting on Monday night.

Under the new agreement, the city is entitled to appoint three people to the commission: one elected official and two residents of Henderson. The county will appoint nine individuals: two elected officials and seven county residents.

The council chose to appoint member Mike Rainey to the commission. It then went on to consider the following list:

  • Richard Brand
  • Thomas C. Church
  • Andrea Harris
  • Paul Harris
  • Thomas Hester
  • George Rush
  • Charles L. Teeter, Jr.
  • Walter Dennis Tharrington
  • Curtis B. Tyndall
  • Sam Watkins
  • James Kearney
  • Kearney was not on the list of applicants supplied to Home in Henderson near the close of business on Friday, July 24, 2009. It is unknown why his name was omitted from the list.

    The council decided to read down the list of candidates with each member being able to cast two votes. The vote had to be taken twice because member George Daye voted three times, a detail which was not known to the rest of the council at the time.

    The final vote broke down as follows:

  • Brand – no votes
  • Church – 3 votes
  • A. Harris – 5 votes
  • P. Harris – 3 votes
  • Rush – no votes
  • Tharrington – no votes
  • Watkins – no votes
  • Kearney – 5 votes
  • Andrea Harris and Kearney were declared the winners and appointed to the EDC.

    The county may appointment anyone who remains on the list during its regular meeting on Monday, August 3, 2009.