Champion alleges non-impartial city hiring process

Henderson resident Geraldine Champion spoke to the Henderson City Council during their short regular meeting on Monday evening about what she considers a lack of impartiality in the hiring process for a Weed & Seed position.

Champion told members that she worked with city’s Weed & Seed program from 2007 through June of 2009. From January to June of 2009, she said that she ran a Weed & Seed program as a lead coordinator.

In June, Champion said that she was told that she had to reapply for an advertising position. She said that the job description “described part of my skills, but education was an obstacle”.

She went on to give members her educational credentials, which include a high school diploma, an associate’s degree, and work towards a bachelor’s degree.

Champion said that although she did not fit the description, she was sure that she would be hired because the city has overlooked the educational requirement before.

Apparently, the hiring process for the position included a review committee. Champion told members that the committee consisted of city employees “who could not be impartial”.

She did not say why the members of the committee could not be impartial.

Indicating that someone else was hired for the position, Champion told members that she was displeased with the [hiring] process.

City Manager Ray Griffin told Champion that he would be glad to get her a report. When asked how long it would take, Griffin said that the report would be ready no later than the next meeting in August. He also indicated that the report would be coordinated with Recreation Department Director Alan Gill and Weed & Seed Director Hattie Alexander.