Daeke dissents on tabling Beacon Light demo order

Before voting 7-1 to table a request from Henderson City Code Compliance Director Corey Williams for an ordinance calling for the demolition of the abandoned and partially burned Beacon Light complex, City Manager Ray Griffin told members that the city had met with the prospective owner on two occasions.

Griffin said that the potential buyer had been forthcoming with requested information, but that questions had arisen after the last meeting.

The owner was not present to answer questions on Monday evening.

One of those questions regarded issues about cash performance bonds.

The city manager said that he needs to meet with the city attorney to review the questions from the last meeting, and that the [Land Planning & Development] committee needs to meet before the next regular council meeting to formulate a response.

Griffin went on to tell members that the potential owner thinks that the home ownership requirement is a deal-breaker, a lack of special use permits is a deal-breaker, and that he does not intend to combine rental and ownership in favor of 100% rental.

It is not known what special use permits the prospective owner might seek.

The previous city council voted unanimously to place a restriction on the Beacon Light property that would preclude building rental units on the site. It was the intention of the council that the land be developed for single-family owner-occupied housing.

Members Garry Daeke, Lonnie Davis, Mary Emma Evans, and Bernard Alston were members of the council that placed the restrictive covenant on the property.

In past meetings, Davis has voiced the opinion that the ownership restriction should be lifted. Daeke and Evans have been the strongest supporters of maintaining the ownership restriction; however, Daeke cast the sole “no” vote on Davis’ motion to table consideration of the demolition order.