City council approves grant for mystery business

After meeting in closed session for approximately one hour on an economic development matter, the Henderson City Council approved a grant application for $33,000 for a business identified only as “EDP: 11–1”.

Economic Development Chair Sam Watkins and Chamber of Commerce President Bill Edwards were also in the closed session meeting.

The grant from the North Carolina Industrial Development Fund would provide for utility connections for “EDP 11–1” and would not require a local match.

City Manager Ray Griffin said that when the unnamed business makes it announcement that City Clerk Esther McCrackin would insert the name of the company into the grant application document.

According to the resolution, “EDP: 11–1” would create 40 jobs in a three-year period — fifteen in the first year, an additional five in the second year, and another 20 in the third year.

A time when an announcement from a business locating to Henderson might come was not stated.