August 24, 2016

Free Health Literacy Seminar

Do you want to improve health communication in your agency or office ?

Do your patients understand what your physicians or staff tell them? Maybe, maybe not. What is certain is that misunderstood medical information may compromise patients’ health.

Join us for a free- 4 hour seminar in Promoting Health Literacy Through Easy-to-Read Materials.

Clear Health Communication is the goal, regardless of medium.
Free Seminar:
When: July 27th, 2011
Registration: 12:30 PM
Class: 1:00 P.M. to 4:P.M.
Where: VGCC Small Auditorium
CEU’s from the Medical Library Association

What is Health Literacy?

Health Literacy is the degree to which individuals obtain, process and understand basic health information and (to) make appropriate decisions regarding their health.

Health literacy includes the ability to understand instructions on prescription drug bottles, appointment slips, medical education brochures, doctor’s directions and consent forms, and the ability to negotiate complex health care systems.

Learn about health literacy to critique, rewrite and create materials that get your health and wellness information across quickly and clearly.

The concept of health literacy differs from literacy itself. Health literacy requires basic reading skills, but also the ability to understand oral communication, use numbers and math skills, understand how to navigate the health system on a basic level, as well as the ability to communicate with health care providers and their staff. These skills are imperative for patients to be able to do the following:

  • Communicate health problems to their providers and understand health information
  • Read prescription bottles and understand treatment regimens
  • Read and understand warning labels to recognize potentially life-threatening complications from medications
  • Implement self-care strategies and manage their health at home
  • Read and understand health insurance forms, informed consent, and public assistance applications

Research indicates that low health literacy contributes to a number of health and health care problems. Low health literacy is associated with:

  • Lack of knowledge and understanding about health conditions and services
  • Inability to implement appropriate self-care activities
  • Difficulty understanding medication instructions and adhering to treatment
  • Lower utilization of preventive care and services
  • Increased hospitalizations and health care costs
  • Worse health outcomes and increased mortality

To register: contact Gina DeMent at 252-430-3031 or complete the attached form and email Mary Granger at mgranger

Please click here for health literacy flyer and forms.

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