August 25, 2016

11th Annual Corbitt Truck Show & Reunion, Saturday October 20th, 2012

Come visit downtown Henderson, NC from 8am to 4pm for the 11th Annual Corbitt Truck Show & Reunion.

The trucks will be at the corner of W Montgomery Street and S William Street.

For more information, and also ordering information for the “Star of the South” book with the history of the Corbitt Truck company please visit their website at


  1. Michael Bobbitt [Verified Account] said on:

    Congratulations to Ms. Nancy Wilson for another great car show on such a beautiful day.

    I saw a show car with current Arizona tags, except the owner lives in Raleigh now and has not changed his tags, yet. I did see two show cars each with a current Michigan tag. The registration slips showed a Michigan address. Also, saw some Florida tagged show cars and spoke with a couple who drove their show car here from York, Pennsylvania. That’s some advertising program we have going for our hamlet.

    Good to see all the Corbitt trucks and tractors on display again. Maybe next year they will have something new to show.

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