August 30, 2016

Political Discussion: 2 Week Countdown to Election Day 2012

Home in Henderson will have a weekly thread for political issues, including this thread, counting down the 8 weeks until November 6th, 2012, election day.  Discuss as you please, keep it civil and respectful.  Next Tuesday will be 1 Week Countdown.

You are free to comment on political issues anywhere else on the site as well, but it might be easier to carry about long discussions in specified threads instead of many different threads over the website.


  1. prudence said on:

    I’m curious if any posters out there have taken advantage of early voting so far?

    Of those who will wait unti Nov. 6th–have any of the debates or news stories made you change how you first thought you’d vote–(national, statewide and local)?

    Heard on radio today–if Obama were to be reelected it would be with fewer votes than in 2008.

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