September 1, 2016

Larry Elman: Fraudulent Speed Traps (out of State)

Different subject. Do any of you know what website one goes to in order to complain of a FRAUDULENT police force with respect to tickets? If so, let me know!

Now that I have your attention, we were travelling through MO approaching St Louis. We were in the Left Squeeze Lane, and were being passed at very high speed by a car and a pickup truck in the Hammer Lane and in the Right Squeeze Lane. We were UNDER the last speed sign we had seen, but OVER the one we had missed. Still, we were in the mid Sixties, while both persons passing us were over 90. We were pulled over and told we were ticketed for 80 in a 60 zone. Don’t think it was mistaken identity — there were half a dozen or more others pulled over in that area, all with license plates from states too far away to appear in Court (We live close to a thousand miles from where stopped.).

The Officer who stopped us was NOT a State Trooper — we were on an Interstate — he was a “local yokel.” I asked the cop where the speed zone changed. He waved towards the rear and said “Somewhere over there.” I then asked where the town line was and got the identical answer. Same thing for the County line. Similar when I tried to determine his level of authority. And he did not know the name of his Supervisor or Chief.

Bottom line — Do NOT buy gas, snacks, or anything of value in O’FALLON, MO. That town should be off the map as it is a fraudulent speed trap and totally dishonest. We waited to post this until AFTER our check for the fine had been cashed. And it was another member of the family behind the wheel.

Let me know if you have a way to get this problem solved. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous said on:

    So we have four Yankee complainers living among us. Instead of one U-Haul to move them back north, Mayflower maybe a cheaper alternative. Larry, I understand why they tossed you and your bud’s the Pitts and Williams out of Yankee land. Larry would you mind moving to Wake County or C.A.R.Y.?

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  2. prudence said on:

    Hmmm–sounds like the antithesis of Ludowici Georgia–.

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  3. LBaldEagle said on:

    For Anonymous — my household does not consist of 4 persons, and I do not come from Pittsburgh. So let me ask you something based on your posting on this thread — Do you intend to contribute something constructive, or are you just a Congressional Republican?

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  4. Anonymous said on:

    LBaldEagle or Larry Elman which handle do you prefer? Oh, never mind. I have no interest in your household more than knowing when you’re ready to join the Pitt’s and Williams households for a one way trip back north. In another of your rants you said you fled Connecticut and arrived here so I already knew you were not from Pittsburg. The Pitt’s and Williams clans are also carpetbaggers from up north. My constructive contribution to your complaining is to inspire you to leave Vance County. It is sad to learn the Show Me State didn’t keep you instead of tossing you back here. And by the way I am not a member of congress.

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