August 29, 2016

Audio of City of Henderson City Council Meeting updated with times

Earlier, we posted the audio from Monday nights, January 13th, 2014, city council meeting.  We’ve now updated that (thank you Mr. Bobbitt) the posting with at which time in the audio file you may find particular agenda items.  We hope this encourages you to listen, if you don’t want to sit through the whole thing, to find the piece you’re interested in.

See the updated posting here:


  1. Deception said on:

    I see that the son of former District Atty. David Waters has thrown his hat into the ring to be the next DA…..Now DA can stand for a number of things but for the purpose of the upcoming election we will call it District Attorney. He will run against Cindy Bostic who happens to be supported by current DA Sam Currin. In a statement read over WIZS 1450 and printed in the Daily Dispatch as well as the Oxford Ledger Michael Waters pledges to go after the criminals who do “property crimes” and reduce the percentages of DWI’s. I wonder how that guy he was representing last week in Superior Court feels about that considering Michael Waters was his Defense Attorney and he was facing Prison Time for being charged with DWI……..Already political speak and the election isn’t even close!!!!
    Talk about an ODD combination…….attorneys have a reputation of their own……add being a politian on top of that!!!! Now that’s someone you can really trust!!! Don’t believe it? Just ask em!!

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