Peggy Satterwhite: Bear Baiting Proposal

As a life-long North Carolinian, I understand the importance of the hunting heritage in our state. I appreciate the tradition of fair chase. Upon hearing that the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is trying to open up baiting for bears through a proposed regulation, I found myself at odds with the state that I have loved for so long.

There is no chase, there is no skill, and there is no sport. If baiting were allowed in our state, it would cast an overwhelming shadow on our hunting heritage, and likely cause major problems for our bear population.

Bear baiters dump garbage cans full of food in the woods. Often, cameras are installed to monitor as bears and other animals begin a habit of visiting the site for their meals. A mother bear leads her cubs to the food piles, made of various foods often not found in the natural environment. They become accustomed to this bait pile and rely on it as a food source.

This practice is completely unsporting and it’s no surprise that most states prohibit it. But the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is considering a dangerous proposal that would allow this irresponsible method of killing bears.