July 27, 2016

Audio: Vance County Planning & Environmental Committee

Planning & Environmental Committee
Tuesday, February 11 – 1:00 p.m.
Purpose: Neighborhood Stabilization Program


  1. Michael Bobbitt [Verified Account] said on:

    The Planning & Environmental Committee meeting opened with the good news from Tanya Hester, an Oxford centered real estate and Vance County resident. She has an offer in hand for one of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program houses. Ms. Hester explained the number one problem selling residential property in Vance County and the City of Henderson is location. Simply put the ready, willing, and able buyers of residential property do not want to buy within the city of Henderson. None of the attending commissioners challenged her assessment. On Valentine’s Day, the Board of Commissioners will meet for a special called meeting to approve the offer Ms. Hester presented to the committee in the closed door session of the meeting. At that time we will learn which of the six properties has a valid offer, who is the buyer, and how much they offered.

    The recording excludes the closed door segment as it should.

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