August 29, 2016

Audio: Vance County Water Planning Committee

Water Planning Committee
Tuesday, February 11 – 2:00 p.m.
Purpose: Brochure for Community Meetings, other matters as necessary


  1. Michael Bobbitt [Verified Account] said on:

    The Water Planning Committee or the Water Board Committee met to review and approve the latest marketing brochure for what should now be known as Vance County Water System. Mr. Asycue points out during the meeting the system is no longer county wide. The committee rewrote the brochure from the opening paragraph to the pie chart closing. Many details of the USDA loan caveats were explained requiring changes in the wording of the brochure. Observing the three commissioners’ intellectual pursuit to craft a better brochure I wondered why two did not show this initiative five years ago. In the end the committee made no changes to the fees before the water line is buried in front of the property owners’ property. The committee did make changes to the fees after the water line is buried. Pending approval by Envirolink the post completion fees will be reduced by $1,400. Envirolink is a for profit company headquartered in another county contracted to operate and maintain the Vance County Water System for a guaranteed profit. The committee was disinterested in mirroring the city’s security deposit policy. The city refunds the customer’s $150 security deposit after twelve months of on time payment. The county or Envirolink intends to retain the $150 deposit for the life of the connection.

    Listen to the recording for all the details.

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