August 31, 2016

Wednesday Open Line

Banks had operated in America for about a half century before someone tried to make an unauthorized withdrawal. On this date in 1831, Edward Smith committed the first bank robbery in the U.S. — hitting the City Bank on New York’s Wall Street. He entered the bank after it closed, using a duplicate set of keys, and got away with $245,000 — a huge sum at the time. But he was caught, convicted and spent five years in New York’s Sing-Sing Prison. Now, across the nation, there are over 91,000 commercial banking establishments. As one 20th century bank robber supposedly noted, that’s where the money is — bank deposits total over $8 trillion. You can find current data on the country’s economy by downloading the ‘America’s Economy’ mobile application at <>.


  1. prudence said on:

    Has anyone noticed how much space on the 2nd floor of the Perry Library has become filled with memorabilia from the Vance County Historical Society? Just who is paying for any insurance on this memorabilia previously stored in the Historical Society’s building. Somebody has a good deal out of this arrangement at the cost of less space for books- especially since more space was the reason to have a new library. Is the Historical Society a county-city budget item???

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  2. Out in Left Field said on:

    Prudence you just stuck your thumb in the eye of the historical society. Obviously you fail to appreciate the need for the new library. It was not for more books. The late Sam needed the new library to justify building his great opery house. The great opery house that will bring life to a downtown that died long ago.

    Books we don’t need no stinking books in ah liberry.

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