City of Henderson’s Erris Dunston Announces Resignation

From City Manager Ray Griffin:

Ms. Dunston submitted her resignation to me this morning. The effective date of the resignation is 30 April 2014. On 1 May, she will assume the position of Assistant County Manager for Halifax County, NC.

Erris has served the City of Henderson since June 2005 when she was hired as the Planning and Community Development Director. She has been a team player and brought significant value to the City with the successful writing of two HOPE VI grants for downtown. Additionally, she helped marshal through the updating of the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan. She has also participated en as well as led several process improvement teams.

As you may recall, Erris earned her MPA several years ago and has been desirous of moving forward along the local government management career path. This opportunity in Halifax County is a perfect beginning point for her to begin achieving her goals.

I appreciate the hard work Erris has given to the City of Henderson and its citizens and I Wish her well in her future endeavors.

Ray Griffin, City Manager