August 25, 2016

Vance County Board of Commissioners Meeting Monday, May 5th, 2014

Download the full agenda packet here:  20140505_vc_boc_agenda_packet


Invocation Pastor Ron Cava, First Baptist Church
Special Recognitions – Boards and Committees
Board of Equalization and Review – See Attached Listing
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

2. Appointment 6:30 p.m. Porcha Brooks, Tax Administrator
a. Late Exemption Applications
b. Present Use Appeal

3. Appointment 6:45 p.m. Jim Barker
Support of Request to Name Stream

4. Public Comments (for those registered to speak by 5:45 p.m. – speakers are limited to five minutes)

5. Water District Board
a. Phase 2A and 2B Construction Update
b. Phase 2A Contract 1, Change Order #1
c. Envirolink Monthly Report

6. Committee Reports and Recommendations
a. Human Resources Committee
b. Intergovernmental Committee
c. Properties Committee

7. County Attorney’s Report
a. REO Properties

8. County Manager’s Report
a. Presentation of Proposed Budget for FY 2014-15
b. Resolution – Coal Combustion Waste Spill
c. Surplus Equipment
d. Intergovernmental Committee Meeting Request
e. Residential Ramp Permit Fees
f. Schools Capital Outlay Transfer Request

9. Consent Agenda Items
a. Budget Amendment and Transfers
b. Tax Refunds and Releases
c. Ambulance Charge-Offs
d. Monthly Reports
e. Minutes

10. Miscellaneous
a. Appointments


  1. Michael Bobbitt [Verified Account] said on:

    News Flash
    County Manager has presented the 2014 – 2015 budget announcing it includes a tax increase.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening.

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