Rusty McMahon: The Plain Truth

In a September 12 Letter to the Editor, County Commission Chairman Archie Taylor claimed, “Vance County government has a long tradition of superior professional management, and we want to make sure that tradition continues undiminished.” He goes on to claim, “We are fortunate to have a very professional, dedicated county staff…”

Is he proud of huge failures like Zoning, Paint Reclamation International, and Semprius (three of many)? Is he proud that the US Census Bureau ranks Vance County the third poorest county in North Carolina? Is he proud that economically we are #94 out of 100 counties in North Carolina? Is he proud we’re a Tier 1 county? Is he proud that we lead in drug manufacturing/trafficking/use, unwed pregnancy, crime, and gang activity? Is he proud of the seven year period of superior professional management that enabled a county employee, in plain sight, to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars?  Is he proud that companies won’t come here unless we bribe them? And is he proud of the most colossal county commission and management failure of all – the County Water System?

One might ask, “ Is he factually challenged, in denial, or happy with the way things are?” The better question is, “Why are we failing?” Patently obvious is the undeniable fact that economic failure, poverty, and crime are very profitable for our elected officials, government bureaucrats, and their friends. Chaos, crime, depravity, poverty, and societal breakdown in the valley are acceptable if you live on a hill above the fray and your profit stream keeps flowing. Government gets bigger, government buildings get nicer, government salaries/retirements increase, and we’re forced to sacrifice to pay for it…in more ways than one.

County leaders must like Vance County the way it is. Otherwise, they would change it!