Elissa Yount: Election Choices

A new process for electing city council persons is going into effect on Oct. 6. Previously we elected the entire Council every two years. Now, the terms have be lengthened to four years. So, it is most important that you are informed with your vote.

In the mayoral race, my choice is Eddie Ellington. He is intelligent, energetic, and researches. He has the ability to draw all parts of our city together. Eddie will make a fine ambassador for our city and we need young people in government with fresh eyes and ideas.

In Ward 3 my vote is going to Melissa Elliott. First, she is a home owner who pays taxes. Second, she has walked the path of many in our city and can relate to them. Third, she brings to the table experience in the area of crime.

In Ward 4 my vote goes to Blakely Bates. He impresses you with his youth, his eagerness, and his approachable nature. He can answer a question even if you do not like his answer. He will not be a yes-man.

In Ward 1 my vote goes to Marion Williams. She speaks with common sense, she speaks from experience, and she speaks up in a positive way. It is obvious she is running with progress in mind.

Our City has been controlled by the wrong voices for far too long. These voices need to be muted and we need progress. We need to get control of the things that are out of control and if we do not do it soon, then Henderson will continue to be first on all the wrong lists. We have tried it the New Direction Way and no progress was made. Let’s go the path of youth and intelligence and see if that will make a difference.