Triangle North Healthcare Foundation 2016 Grant Cycle Opens

The Board of Directors of Triangle North Healthcare Foundation is pleased to announce the 2016 Grant Cycle was launched May 2, 2016

Nonprofit and governmental organizations as well as public schools in Vance, Granville, Warren, and Franklin counties are eligible to apply for grants with Triangle North Healthcare Foundation.  The Foundation is seeking projects that will have a positive impact on improving health in the region. 

The Foundation uses an online application system for grants, which is easily accessed on our website at   On the main page of the website, click on the “Grant Portal” link, which will direct you to the logon page for the grants management system.  The first step in the process is to create an account for your organization or, if you already have an account, log in using your user name and password. Mailed or emailed applications will not be accepted.

If you need assistance setting up your account or logging in, please call the Foundation office to schedule one-on-one training or get answers to your questions.

The online Letter of Interest form includes basic questions about your organization and program, with text boxes for typing in answers.  Brochures and supporting documents can be uploaded in the form also.

“If your organization is considering applying for a grant from Triangle North Healthcare Foundation, or any other grantmaker, it’s important to contact the funder in advance to discuss your project or program,” said Val Short, Executive Director of the foundation, which is based in Henderson. “This can help you determine if your project meets the criteria and mission of the funder. It helps when the funder has some advance knowledge of your program when the grant application is submitted,” she added.

These are some important dates to remember for Triangle North Healthcare Foundation’s 2016 Grant Cycle:

May 2, 2016— Letter of Interest form is available online

July 1, 2016— Due date for 2016 Letters of Interest

August 19, 2016—Due date for final Grant Application (by invitation only.)

September, 2016—2016 Grants Awarded

For more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your project, please call Mrs. Short at 252-430-8643.