August 27, 2016

Richard Brand: The Great Divide

There is nothing that illustrates the great divide between the wishes, the hopes, the passions, the compassion of the American public and the members of Congress more than the current sad treatment of the military veterans. The citizens, the average person, the people in the street care deeply about the veterans. They have and continue […]

Richard Brand: Try Our Souls

These are differently times that try our souls. Maybe not at the same level yet as Thomas Paine’s times but the whole fever of this country is troubling. No one can deny that there is a great dissatisfaction with the whole way our national government has not worked. It is simply that those responsible for […]

Gardenia Hobbs: HB2 is About Abuse of Power, Deception

The protection of religious liberties has become a tool of convenience that is being used as a smoke screen for the passage of bills that legalize discrimination and exclusion. Religious liberties extend far beyond our ability to worship freely and make moral decisions in our daily life. Religious liberties also encompasses the ability to contribute […]

Justin Williford: Putting the Ass in Asinine—Small Town Sexism

Vance County, North Carolina?—4th in teen pregnancy, 88th in SAT scores, and 1st in blatant sexism. That appears to be the county’s new tagline after the recent five-day suspension of Sandra Wiggins?—a history teacher at Southern Vance High School who has worked with the school district for almost twenty-six years. Sandra Wiggins did the inconceivable—she […]

Rusty McMahon: Domestic Economic Terrorism

For decades, so-called leaders in Vance County have tripped over themselves trying to give away taxpayer money to every con man, huckster, charlatan, or self-professed genius that came along and uttered the words “job creation, sustainable, or green”. They could not wait to waste our money on harebrained schemes. And they’ve wasted millions. Some years […]

Rusty McMahon: Do Taxpayers Matter?

A brief history of citizen input and public hearings… We told County Commissioners that we neither needed nor wanted county zoning. 7000 citizens sent them post cards asking them not to zone the county. They publicly threw the cards in the trash and enacted zoning anyway. We told them that we neither needed nor wanted […]

Rusty McMahon: Less Whining, Better Results

In a February budget meeting, Deputy County Manager Jordan McMillen announced that raising county pay and benefits is a funding priority. According to McMillen, surrounding counties pay more and that’s very troublesome. Newsflash, most of you earn much more than the average citizen that pays your way and your benefits are the envy of all. […]

Michael Bobbitt: Notes From The Peanut Gallery – Vance County Board of Commissioners

April’s 2016 regular monthly meeting of the Vance County commissioners was a short meeting that accomplished a positive for the community. Public Comments The meetings now open with public comments. This gives the public, you and I, five minutes to tell the commissioners how satisfied we are with the county’s services. Or to share our […]

Richard Brand: Republican Party

From the time that “I like Ike” I have been told that the Republican Party was the party of small government. They wanted less government. They were going to “get the oppressive boot of government regulations off of the neck of small businesses.” They were all for deregulation. Smaller government, less taxes, more local control. […]

Reader submission: Severely sexually abused dog – abuser lives in Henderson unpunished

A dog named Beatrice from Henderson, NC was rescued from a rape situation earlier this week by a NYC based rescue group, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. She died last night.  The police have pulled multiple dogs from this house and yet the person is still allowed to exist.  Please bring this horror to light so […]