February 6, 2016

Reader submission: Severely sexually abused dog – abuser lives in Henderson unpunished

A dog named Beatrice from Henderson, NC was rescued from a rape situation earlier this week by a NYC based rescue group, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. She died last night.  The police have pulled multiple dogs from this house and yet the person is still allowed to exist.  Please bring this horror to light so […]

Richard Brand: Market Focus

We were outside the racquetball courts and a newly arrived retiree from up north commented to me that Henderson would never advance economically until it fixed its schools. Such a verdict is not new. In fact it is one of the most consistent mantras of our community. Talk to just about any citizen about Henderson […]

Richard Brand: More War on Christmas?

It began early this year. It is still two months before Christmas. We have just finished Halloween and have not even begun to talk about Thanksgiving, and already we have people outraged about what is being called a “war on Christmas.” The latest battle site was Starbuck’s decision to put out simple red cups with […]

Rusty McMahon: Enough Already!

At its recent annual awards banquet, the Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments (COG) chose Archie B. Taylor as its Vance county elected official of the year. COG officials praised Taylor’s leadership vision, his hands on approach, and his economic development success since becoming a commissioner. Tommy Hester bragged about Taylor’s having been a catalyst for […]

Elissa Yount: Election Choices

A new process for electing city council persons is going into effect on Oct. 6. Previously we elected the entire Council every two years. Now, the terms have be lengthened to four years. So, it is most important that you are informed with your vote. In the mayoral race, my choice is Eddie Ellington. He […]

Rusty McMahon: The Plain Truth

In a September 12 Letter to the Editor, County Commission Chairman Archie Taylor claimed, “Vance County government has a long tradition of superior professional management, and we want to make sure that tradition continues undiminished.” He goes on to claim, “We are fortunate to have a very professional, dedicated county staff…” Is he proud of […]

Rusty McMahon: Caught With His Facts Down

On August 5 2015, Vance County Commissioner Tommy Hester reported alarmingly in the Dispatch that State Senator Harry Brown’s proposed sales tax redistribution “scheme” will cost Vance County $200,000 next year. On August 4, the day before Hester made his proclamation, the State Senate, in a final 34-12 vote, approved Senator Brown’s sales tax proposal. […]

Michael Bobbitt: Notes From The Peanut Gallery (Board of Commissioners August 3rd 2015)

The six active county commissioners held their regular monthly meeting this past Monday. The meeting was relatively short and much of the normal commissioner rancor. The meeting opened with public comments a nice change especially when the public is present to make meaningful and informed comments. Public Comments Sandra Butler Tubbs, spoke for her five […]

Rusty McMahon: Duplicitous!

Recently, the Dispatch ran a guest column by Tommy Hester, Vance County Commissioner and local developer. Hester masterfully claimed that redistribution of tax revenue is bad and that redistribution of tax revenue is good. Hester claims that a proposed legislative plan would “penalize counties that are the state’s main centers of commerce” by redistributing sales […]

Michael Bobbitt: Notes From The Peanut Gallery (VC BOC July 6th, 2015)

Chairman Taylor gaveled the regular monthly Board of Commissioners meeting to order at fifty-thirty instead of standard six o’clock hour. Vice-Chair Wilder moved to enter into closed session to discuss Economic Development Projects, a Contract Negotiation, and a Personnel Matter. The Chair did not say there would be a formal announcement when the regular session […]