April 28, 2015

John Hyson: You’ll Wonder Where The Water Went!

You haven’t seen much in print about the proposed increase in the daily drawdown of Kerr Lake. Sometimes leadership thinks we don’t seem to need to know about the things affect us the most. The headline article of the Dispatch on April 5th gives off that odor. You may or may not have been told […]

Michael Bobbitt: Notes from the Peanut Gallery (Water Committee Meeting March 30th, 2015)

The Water Committee meets on the Monday before the monthly Water Board (Board of Commissioners) Meeting. The results of the committee’s meetings are reported to the both boards during their regular monthly meetings. The agenda for this meeting included three topics: Review of Monthly Construction and Operations Report – Phase 1A, 2A & 2B Resolution […]

Rusty McMahon: EDC Truth

The Daily Dispatch reported recently that the Economic Development Commission (EDC)  Board is considering not renewing its membership to the Research Triangle Regional Partnership. Director Stuart Litvin and others argued that Vance county has gotten absolutely nothing for our investment of tens of thousands of dollars. Said Litvin, “It’s been the same story over the […]

Michael Bobbitt: Notes from the Peanut Gallery (VC BoC March 2nd, 2015)

The public part of Monday night’s meeting was long by county standards. After almost three and half hours of sometimes intense and robust discussion the commissioner entered into closed session. The chair announced there would be no announcement after the closed door attorney-client privileged matter and the personnel matter. (Note: A commissioner called me on […]

Phil Hart: Our Participation Makes Us

Wednesday January 28th, 2015 I went to the Vance County Board of Commissioners Annual Retreat.  Home in Henderson was invited to attend as a media outlet to give our views of the past, present and future of Vance County from our organizations point of view.  If I were given the invitation personally, the presentation may have […]

Michael Bobbitt: Home in Henderson Presentation to the Vance County Board of Commissioners

Editors Note:  This is a copy of the presentation presented to the Vance County Board of Commissioners during their Annual Retreat January 28th, 2015.  I (Phil Hart) will write more about this hopefully this weekend. An excerpt from the presentation is below, and the full presentation download  link is provided at the end. My name […]

Rusty McMahon: Commissioners Need to Address Water Project

Editors Note – An abbreviated version of this opinion piece has also been published in The Daily Dispatch‘s paper on Saturday, 1/24/2015. Dear Commissioners, I respectfully request that you address the following issue at your upcoming Planning Retreat. You told citizens in public meetings that 5000 gallons of water would cost $35-45, with no mention […]

Michael Bobbitt: Notes from the Peanut Gallery (January 5th, 2015)

Monday night’s meeting was the first I have attended since Mr. Taylor’s ascension to Chairmanship. What a difference he has made in Board procedures. Instead of relying on the county manager to report on topics the committees have discussed the Chairman asked the committee chairs’ for their respective reports. This procedural change makes each committee […]

Michael Bobbitt: Notes from the Peanut Gallery (Henderson City Council Meeting November 10, 2014)

Mondays night’s City Council meeting was well worth the cost of the admission. Some 30 – 35 people were in attendance for the meeting including a NC State Representative, a district court judge, and a county commissioner. Generally, something in the agenda will alert the peanut gallery to expect a large number of attendees to […]

Michael Bobbitt: Vance County 2014 Vote Analysis

Of the 30,000 registered voters 14,174 (47.23%) showed enough interest to make their opinion known, they voted. Mining the Unofficial Results I discovered some other interesting results. In Vance County’s two competitive races, Register of Deeds and Sheriff Office, both had high voter totals. For the Register of Deeds 13,238 votes were cast or 93% […]