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We are actively seeking submissions of your upcoming or recently happened event including school and company events, things to do in the area, news tips, opinion letters, etc etc.  From a yard sale to a concert, to a story about your recent experience in our area, our goal is to let the community know about the great things this area has to offer.

Please feel free to send an email, attach a word or pdf document, attach pictures, send a link to a video etc.  We do not have a maximum number of words or pictures (cyberspace is infinite), but submissions should adhere to the standards of decency and relevance which we have tried to establish over these many years. We reserve the right to edit or reject material deemed inappropriate, offensive, or poorly written.

Mailing Lists – Please include our email address on any mailing list for your organization so we can know about what you’re doing to improve the community!  We may or may not publish items in the mailing list due to the time of formatting individual pieces.  If you want to be sure we publish a particular item, send us an Article.

Articles – An article is a fact based piece in the classic sense of a news format.  Articles will be published with your name or organizations name and will be categorized under the News section of our website and listed as Submitted Article.  We will verify authorship of Articles so include your contact information.  Contact information will not be shared with readers.

Opinions – An opinion piece can be about any topic you choose and is not fact based.  For example, references to particular people, places, things could include the phrase “In my opinion,”.  Opinion pieces will be published with your name, and will be clearly marked as Opinion. We will verify authorship of Opinions so include your contact information.  Contact information will not be shared with readers.

Events and Calendar Items – Events that are free and open to the general public are no charge to list on Home in Henderson.  These events will be shown as an article on our home page, and appear in our Community Calendar. Events that charge an admission fee, or are open only to invited, selected or screened individuals will incur an advertising fee as specified on our advertising page.

For Sale – Items for sale is a category for traditional advertisements like a business having a promotion, or you are attempting to sell something like a personal item.  We are not interested in being a yard sale site full of individual items at this time, so submissions to this category will be limited to larger items, yard sales as a whole event, business sales or promotions.  For Sale items will incur an advertising fee as specified on our advertising page.

If your entry contains pictures, you may include a caption for each picture.  We encourage you to include the name of the photographer who took the picture.

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