Embassy Wars: The saga continues

Episode 11 of Whiskey Tango’s brilliant satirical drama, “Embassy Wars”, is now in place.

From Whiskey Tango: I have an idea for the first theatrical play to be performed in the new performing arts center upon completion. It will be titled “Embassy Wars: The Taxpayers Strike Back.”

Episode I (posted June 28)

Not too long ago in a county not too far away, the Emperor of the Embassy Block felt a disturbance in the funding force. Members of the taxpaying rebellion were posting on a Web site comments that were in disagreement with the Emperor’s wishes. The Emperor summons Darth Manager.

Darth Manager reported immediately and responded, “Yes, master.”

Emperor: Lord manager, I sense a disturbance at the last Senate meeting.

Darth: Master, your biddings will be done. I have devised a plan of smoke and mirrors that will defeat the rebellion. This plan is so complicated that the council will not even understand.

Emperor: It is vital that we complete the Embassy Block. This will ensure our legacy and our conquering of the Land of Vance.

Darth: Yes, master, I will send word to the council to hold a special meeting. I will use the Jedi mind trick to ensure the votes we need.

Emperor: You are excused.

As Darth Manager left the presence of the Emperor, he sent word to Chancellor Clem to gather a list of all the Imperial Partnership members. The members will hold a secret meeting that will ensure victory over the rebellion.

Meanwhile, postings continued on the rebellion Web site, and the communications were being intercepted and translated.

The Emperor became furious and demanded a meeting with the Commissioners of Vance.

Emperor: I am here to request your approval of the Imperial Partnership.

Commissioner 1: What guarantee do we have that we will prosper from this endeavor.

Emperor: My dear friends, I promise you wealth untold. The rebellion does not have a clue as to our plans. The rebellion has underestimated the power of the dark side.

Commissioner 2: We will take some time to review your offer.

Emperor: We don’t have time, lord manager, and the Senate approved my plans without review. What makes you any different?

Commissioner 1: My lord, we did not mean to offend you, but the citizens of our territories want answers.

Emperor: They do not need answers, they just need to trust us.

This concludes Episode I.