Home in Henderson encourages our readers to submit news, opinion, and events. We provide this information for free to our average of 6,000 unique monthly readers to our website and 2,000 likes on our Facebook page .  Home in Henderson is operated by Dataforge as a showcase of Dataforge’s website design, website hosting, content, writing, photography, and business ideology practices and offerings.  This keeps Home in Henderson alive, however we want to offer more that just that.

Additional funding for this website is provided by a few methods that ensure we are offering a quality service of free information, while obtaining advertising funding for non free information.

Events that require a entry fee of any kind, and / or is open only to certain, or invited people, there is a $20.00 charge to list your event on our website.  We do understand some free events require obtaining a ticket in advance, and these events are free to list on our website also provided the tickets are available to anyone. If an event is free and open to the public, there is no charge to list it on our website and community calendar.

Businesses may wish to promote items for sale, or the fact that they are having a sale or promotion of some kind.  We will be happy to list this on our website in our article section for a $20.00 fee as well.

You may contact us by phone at 252-438-4000 to get started, or if you prefer self service follow the instructions below:

To get started, enter in the name and date of your event below, then click the Buy Now button. You will be charged a one time fee of $20.00.

Next, send us an email to and let us know the details of your event, and that you have submitted payment already.

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