City loose leaf collection information

This from the City of Henderson Public Works Department:

The collection of loose leaves at the curbside by the City of Henderson Public Works Department is set to start the week of November 1, 2010. In an effort to make sure everyone gets service on a regular and consistent basis the following rules will apply.

1. Loose leaves must be free of sticks, pine cones, rocks and household trash. If the pile contains foreign debris, it will not be picked up until it is separated and the truck is on that route again. This is very important for the safe operations of our equipment and employees.

2. Loose leaves should not be raked into the street, ditches or storm drains. Leaves piled in the street are a traffic hazard and need to be left on the shoulder or curb. Rainfall washes the leaves into the storm drains and catch basins and can cause streets and yards to flood.

3. The City strives to collect loose leaves on a two (2) week rotation, however heavy rainfall sometimes slows collection down. Please keep raked and bagged leaves on your property for proper collection.

4. Bagged leaves must be in clear bags and piled at the curb. Bags can weigh no more than 50 pounds. Bags can be purchased from the City of Henderson Operations Center or City Hall Water Billing Office (10 bags $2.50)

5. Bagged leaves will be collected on a weekly basis with the regular brush pick up at each residence on garbage collection day.

6. If you utilize a commercial landscape business to rake leaves at your residence and leaves are bagged, they are required under City Ordinance Section 17 to remove bagged leaves from the premises and not piled at the street for removal by the City.

7. Leaf crews will be working every day including holidays and Saturdays, November 1, 2010 to January 15, 2011 except during heavy rainfall, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day. Please be advised that there are many factors such as weather, wind, etc. that affect the rate that leaves fall so we ask for your patience and understanding, in the event you feel that there has been no service in 2 weeks or more, please feel to contact Public Works at 252-431-6115.