Home in Henderson is a unique way to get the news and share opinions about life in the capital city of Vance County, N.C. We aim to provide comprehensive coverage of local government and events, including photos, audio clips, and documents of interest, and offer a place for immediate responses to those happenings. We encourage responses to articles posted here, and we welcome comments and suggestions at our email address submit@homeinhenderson.com

Home in Henderson is owned and operated by Dataforge. The staff of Home in Henderson includes occasional news contributions by commentators as well. Book reviews are contributed by Claire Ramsey. Home in Henderson was founded by Michael Jacobs in February of 2005. Michael is a former Henderson resident was the news editor of the local newspaper, The Daily Dispatch. He previously worked for USA Today, The Washington Times and The North Jersey Herald & News. He won several state awards with the Dispatch, which the North Carolina Press Association recognized as 2004’s second-best daily newspaper in the state with circulation under 15,000.