August 28, 2016


Home in Henderson boasts a readership of over 5,000 users in the area, would you like to reach those users for your business?  We offer several methods of advertising on our website, at an affordable price, and hefty discounts available.

We accept advertising for all kinds of businesses, groups and events,  for example a local retail or service store, a restaurant, a yard sale, a church event, a concert, a convention, or an event your business is sponsoring. 

Events that are free to attend and open to the general public or events that are fundraisers get free news articles and calendar placement about the event.  Events that do not fall into the above description we request an advertising fee for the placement of this event on our webpage.

468×60 Top Ad Spot – This ad spot is shown at the top banner of each webpage.  It is the top most advertisement on our site.

728×90 Header Ad Spot – This ad spot is shown at the top header of each webpage.  The standard size of 728×90 may be used.  It is directly under the navigation menu and directly above the news content.

300×250 Top Sidebar Ad Spot – This ad spot is shown directly under the login information, and above the most recent comments listing.  The size is 300×250.

News Article Ad Spot – This ad is like a news article posted on our home page.  The article is clearly marked sponsored.  The size is not specified to a pixel amount as the graphic ads above, but you may have 1 small picture shown on the home page, and 1 paragraph of text approximately 150 characters.  The reader can click on the article to read the full information you provide, which has no character limit as long as its is no more than approximately 3 pages of text and you may include full size pictures as well.  This ad is marked as sponsored, and will stay at or very near the top of our home page for 5 days.

The Top, Header and Sidebar ads are shown across all our paying advertisers and are displayed randomly.  If we do not have a paying advertiser for a spot, we will display random generic ads.  The Top and Header ads are shown on all pages, while the sidebar ads are shown on all pages except for any pages that do not include a sidebar, such as our calendar page.

The News Article ad will show on our home page the day of your ad, and will be marked as ‘sticky’ so the article stays at the top of our news page for a period of 5 days.  As other news articles are posted throughout those days, the articles will appear below your sponsored article, unless we have other sponsored articles, or any other article that needs to be stickied.  For example we typically sticky reader submitted Opinion articles for a few days to give them amble viewing.  News articles are shown in order of most recent at the top, to the next most recent as it goes down. We show 15 news articles on the front page.  The news article ad also gives you placement on our calendar page for your event, with that placement linking to your news article.


468×60 Top Ad Spot – $100 per month

728×90 Header Ad Spot – $200 per month

300×250 Top Sidebar Ad Spot – $100 per month

News Article Ad Spot – $50 per article and 1 calendar placement.

News Article Package – $100 for 3 articles and 1 calendar placement.   This includes 3 news articles for your event, and 1 calendar placement.  3 news articles  are suggested for this reason – 1 article well in advance of your event, we suggest around 1 month.  We will also place your event on our calendar at this time.  A 2nd article closer to your event to remind everyone about it, we suggest a few days before your event actually occurs.  Finally a 3rd article after your event so you may submit a follow up article about the success of your event, and you may send in pictures etc to have posted.

Ad Creation – For the banner ads you may create your own graphic and send to us, or we can create them for you for a $20 fee for a basic ad graphic.

Pricing Discounts – We offer 50% discounts off the all of the above pricing for current Henderson – Vance Chamber of Commerce members or current Dataforge web hosting customers.

Statistics – Dataforge has been operating Home in Henderson since April 11, 2011 so we unfortunately can not provide previous statistics before that date.  We do know the website has been in operation since 2005, so it has gathered quite a following in the area.  Since our first full day on April 11, 2011 until this writing on July 24, 2012 Home in Henderson received over 192,000 visits to the website.  Particularly that’s about 65,257 individual visitors who viewed the website about 3 times a visit.  With each visitor on average looking at about 3 webpages each visit, that gives us a total page view count of about 554,800 pages for the listed period.

Our last full month of statistics as of this writing was June 23, 21012 to July 23, 2012. For this last month period we received 11,915 visits, from 5,783 unique visitors for a total of 30,228 pageviews.

Getting Started – We hope you find our advertising opportunities worthwhile.  If you would like more information, or would like to get started with your advertising campaign please contact us:

or you may call us at


Advertising payments may be sent to the following address:

217 South Garnett Street
Henderson, NC  27536

Checks must be made payable to Dataforge