August 26, 2016

Vehicle Runs off Roadway, Pedestrians Hit, Toddler Killed

On January 27, 2013 around 1:15 PM officers with the Henderson Police Department responded to the 600 Block of East Montgomery Street, Henderson in reference to a motor vehicle collision involving two pedestrians. Upon arrival, officers found a five year-old male and the child’s father, Richard Thomas Stokes, 22, of Henderson with extensive injuries from where the vehicle collided with them. From the investigation, it appears that the child and his father were walking west on East Montgomery Street when a 1998 GMC truck driven east on East Montgomery Street by Vincent Gregory, 47, of 270 Sparrow Lane, Henderson drove left of the roadway. The vehicle collide with a telephone pole, drove over the curve, and collided with the father and son before coming to rest in a tree. Driver and pedestrians were transported to an area hospital. Child was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

The Henderson Police Department received assistance from the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

Alcohol is suspected as being a contributing factor and the investigation is ongoing.

Vincent Gregory, 47, was arrested and charged with felony death by motor vehicle, assault inflicting serious injury by a motor vehicle, driving while impaired, and driving while license revoked. He received a $ 1,001,000 secured bond pending an initial appearance in Vance County District Court on January 28, 2012. He was placed in the Vance County Jail.


  1. OT….
    I heard on the channel 11 news about a 5 year old boy, here in Henderson, who was run over and killed by a drunk driver today. (Sunday)
    The report said the little boy was walking with his father when he was run over..
    The driver has been charged…
    one of the charges was for driving without a license.

    Much sympathy to the family, and for the loss of this innocent little boy.

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  3. Ziggy, that is incorrect, as far as within a few minutes ago the father is ok, not great, he’s still in the hospital, but he’s talking and all that. Again, the toddler was killed, but the father is recovering.

    BTW, our article about this is on yesterday’s edition at

    I’m going to move these conversations to that article to keep it in one place. Originally, these comments were made on the Monday open line.

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  4. Here is a video WRAL has on the story

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  5. Ellen Paynter [Verified Account] said on:

    Phil is correct on his corrections on this! Chad (the dad is hurt badly but will be at his son’s funeral) and my nephew (my niece’s child) has left us due to this man getting behind the wheel of his truck after drinking (with no license to boot!!!). I pray that us suffering so badly and losing an innocent loving sweet child will make someone stop and think before getting behind the wheel after drinking ANYTHING or using drugs! PLEASE!!! Your family might not suffer the loss of your life but you could destroy another family like this man has done to ours! This was an only child to both his Dad and my niece! He was the sun, stars and the world to so many people. He was so smart and could have gone so far with his life if only this man hadn’t STOLEN that chance from him! Please think people…PLEASE!!!

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  6. another apology in order..ugh.
    I had heard a radio report that said they were both killed…
    evidently, the announcer misread or mispoke the report..
    very sorry for any undue worry for the family.

    Best wishes for the father’s recovery.

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