Opinion: WIZS does us all a favor

WIZS-AM proprietor John Rose deserves the thanks of Hendersonians for dedicating an entire edition of “Town Talk” to the difficult topic of the city’s financial problems Wednesday.

The steady stream of callers to the program, which featured City Council member Elissa Yount, proved that people will tune in and respond when a media organization strives to inform them and doesn’t worry about boring them with talk of fund balances, audits, budget ordinances and financial management.

The result was an educational hour that prepared city residents for the public budget forum Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building on Beckford Drive.

It was unfortunate that neither City Manager Eric Williams nor anyone on the council with a different view from Yount’s regarding the 2004 city audit could join the program, but that absence just whets our appetite for the answers we hope to hear Monday.

If city residents pack the council chambers and deliver a series of thoughtful, well-informed questions that evening, we’ll owe a big debt to WIZS.