They know a

Smart men know they look smartest when they have the guidance of smart women.

G.K. Butterfield and Clem Seifert agree that the women around them are making them look good.

Butterfield’s chief of staff in his House office is a woman, Corliss Clemonts-James. She and one of Butterfield’s district office directors, Dollie Burwell, joined him on his visit to Henderson on Thursday. Both of them are veterans of congressional staffs and valuable resources for the freshman Democrat.

“You have smart women working for you,” City Council member Elissa Yount said after Butterfield explained how his staff persuaded him not to waste his time seeking election as president of the House freshman class and helped him instead win a coveted seat on the House Armed Services Committee.

Seifert, meanwhile, relies on assistant Sandra Wilkerson to do just about everything in the mayor’s office short of public speaking, a part of the job he relishes.

While finishing their tour of Henderson on Thursday morning, both men acknowledged which sex deserves the credit for such projects as cleaning up the city.

“The reason why it got done, I hate to say it, is because they’re women,” a smiling Seifert said about the success of the Clean Up Henderson Committee. In addition to Chairwoman Lynn Harper and the vice chairwoman for the first year, Mary Emma Evans, such women as Mary Cottrell, Jackie Jackson, Peggy Mason and Diane Barberio have been driving forces in the committee’s work.

“Men do the talking; women do the work,” Butterfield quipped.payday 500 fastcash loan125 idaho loan30k loaneducation loans aescountrywide loan 20 80home amalgamated loansloans installment $2000loan 270,000 repayments Map