Satterwhite plays on Williams’ team

Hey, we at and City Manager Eric Williams have something in common (aside from the dark circles under our eyes after working at the Municipal Building past 11:30 Monday night): legal representation.

Toward the end of a night of meetings that featured many questions and some direct criticisms aimed at him, Williams notified the City Council, Mayor Clem Seifert and City Attorney John Zollicoffer that he has hired Henderson lawyer Michael Satterwhite to handle any issues related to his employment contract with the city.

It so happens that Satterwhite handled the real estate closing that brought those of us behind HomeinHenderson, well, home to Henderson at the end of 2000. We can’t argue with Williams’ taste in legal talent.

The city manager made his announcement in a letter he hand-delivered to the mayor, each council member and Zollicoffer. The delivery coincided with an item Elissa Yount had requested be added to the night’s agenda: a review of what Williams’ contract requires in terms of a performance appraisal and a question about whether the city is in breach of that contract because that appraisal is overdue.

Here’s Williams’ memo in full:

“Mayor Seifert and City Council Members, Attention City Attorney John Zollicoffer as well. Please be advised I have retained the services of Michael E. Satterwhite, Attorney at Law, Henderson, NC as lead Counsel in any and all matters and property right interests related to my employment contract (of March 8, 2001, and any amendments related thereto).

“This memorandum is provided in accordance with applicable provisions of that contract and this ‘letter of representation’ is provided by me since Mr. Satterwhite had an unexpected death in the family this morning and may not be able to attend tonight’s Council Meeting and has advised me to provide you with this notice.

“I appreciate your time and attention.”