The thrill of budget competition

Code Compliance Director Corey Williams is in his first year as a Henderson department head and is in the middle of his first budget season for a department that didn’t exist a year ago.

He got a pointer from a veteran of the process during the Clean Up Henderson Committee meeting two weeks ago.

“We just got through budgets,” Williams said with some relief while delivering the regular report on his department’s activities.

Chief Glen Allen, in his eighth year in charge of the Henderson Police Department, offered a correction to Williams.

“He said we just finished out budget,” Allen said. “We’re just beginning budget. We just sent our submissions.

“Really, the next eight months is really fun.”

“It’s the excitement,” council member Ranger Wilkerson said.

“It is,” Allen said. “It’s the thrill of competition.”

Remember, the competition kicks into high gear in one week when the council hears presentations from Williams, Allen and the rest of the city’s department heads over three nights, from 6 to 8 each night.