Pick of the day: Filing period approaches

We normally wait until the day of an event to make it the Pick of the Day, but this is really the Pick of the Month: The filing period for Henderson’s Oct. 11 municipal elections, as well as those in Kittrell and Middleburg, opens Friday and runs for five weeks until Aug. 5. We’re hopeful that Henderson builds on the increased competition of the city elections two years ago, when Mayor Chick Young’s retirement drew three council members into the mayoral race and created the most competitive ballot in years. All eight council seats and the mayor’s job are up for grabs this fall. Contact the Vance Board of Elections at the Dennis Building if you want to run. To start the filing period right, we invite your comments on any or all of the following: Which council members would you love to see retire or lose re-election bids? Which council members, if any, do you think must still be at the table come December? Whom would you love to see run for a seat in city government?preggo fucking moviepreview movie quicktimeporn movies quicktimeporn movies rateinterracial movies sample sexsapphic movies exclusivemovies juice sapphicsapphic movies women Map