To our readers: An open line

One of the things we’ve learned the past six months is that not only don’t we know everything about Henderson and Vance County, but often we don’t even know there’s anything we ought to know. It’s hard for us to write about things we don’t know are happening, and it’s impossible for us to know everything that’s of interest to y’all out there on your computers. So, as part of the improvements we hope to make as the editor transitions to life in Atlanta, we offer our version of an open line (with all due respect to WIZS-AM’s “Town Talk,” the home of open-line Monday). Each day, we’ll post an article that’s essentially a blank canvas, and we’ll invite you to post comments on anything you want to ask, tell or share with our online community. Items can be as long or as short as anyone cares to make them.

So have at it. This is your open line to the 2,000-plus computers that link up with HomeinHenderson each month.