Belated weekend open line

With any luck, the past couple of days will be the extent of the interruption in the editor’s connection to this site, and we can go on with the show. A few quick responses to the fascinating discussions y’all have carried on:

* We intend to send e-mail questionnaires to each of the candidates in contested Henderson City Council races, as well as give the unopposed incumbents a chance to lay out their visions for Henderson. We have e-mail addresses for everyone but Glean Henderson Jr. If you’re out there, Glean, or if anyone else has his e-mail address, please send it to Also, if any of the candidates from Middleburg or Kittrell want to tell us about themselves, their reasons for running, their goals and why they should win, please let us know at the above e-mail address.

* We’ll try to get some information from Economic Development Director Benny Finch about incentives.

* The discussion between Todd Hester and Establishment Clause might rank as the most intelligent debate about religion in schools in decades.

* This site will go on, stronger than ever. In just a few days we’ve explored issues that the editor probably never would have tackled, and we’ve brought out information he wouldn’t have gotten about the proposed retail development.

Feel free to raise any new issues or revive old ones below.