Western Outer Loop could be named for King

Vance County Commissioner Terry Garrison reported at Wednesday’s joint city-county meeting a recommendation that grew from this week’s Board of Commissioners retreat: the naming of a road or street after Martin Luther King Jr.

Garrison explained that the idea began with a citizen request.

He acknowledged concern over renaming a road, so he suggested naming a currently unnamed road after King.

City Manager Eric Williams augmented the idea, saying the Western Outer Loop had come up as a possibility.

Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert said that naming the Western Outer Loop after King “may be ideal.”

Williams explained that a request to name the loop after King must be submitted jointly by the city and the county to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, assuming that the loop touches city territory.

Seifert closed the discussion by saying that the city would send a letter to the county commissioners recommending the action after a City Council meeting.