Earth Tech asks for $123,000 extension

Assistant City Manager Mark Warren appeared before the City Council on Nov. 14 to transmit a request from Earth Tech for a three month contract extension.

Earth Tech currently oversees the water intake project, a project designed to increase water pumping capacity at times when the water level in Kerr Lake is low. The original contract was for $189,000 for fourteen months of supervisory service.

Council member Elissa Yount expressed concern with the dollar amount of the extension. She questioned how the original contract could span fourteen months for $189,000, while the extension spans three months for $123,000. She asked Warren, “Is there some way we can lasso this in?”

Warren replied that capping the dollar amount could be discussed with Earth Tech, and also informed Yount that the hours are accountable.

Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert said, “They should have made sure it was done on time.”

Council member Mary Emma Evans informed the full council that Earth Tech had stated in committee that they did not expect to use the full amount of the extension.

Yount calculated that if the full dollar amount of the extension were used, Earth Tech would have to supervise the project for 102 hours a day until the completion date. She stated a desire to compare the previous fourteen months of service to the price of the remaining three months of service.

Council member Lonnie Davis reiterated that Earth Tech would probably not use all of the money.

It was indicated that the money for the contract extension would come from the contingency fund for the project.

City Attorney John Zollicoffer informed the council that there was a question as to whether Earth Tech would be able to work after November 15 if the contract was not extended. Despite the warning, the motion to table the matter until the November 28 city council meeting carried unanimously.