City Council meets tonight

Below is the agenda for tonight’s Henderson City Council meeting, which starts at 7:30 at the Municipal Building on Beckford Drive. Mayor Clem Seifert is holding his monthly Speak Up Henderson forum at 6 p.m.

1. Call to Order – Mayor Seifert

2. Roll Call – City Clerk

3. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance – Council Member Rainey

4. Opening Remarks – Mayor Seifert

5. Adjustments to and/or approval of the November 28th, 2005 Meeting agenda – Mayor, City Council and/or City Manager

Special Note: The Council is reminded that it is at this point in the agenda, that items may be specifically requested to be “removed” from either Consent Agenda “A” or “B” … typically, if there are questions or discussion is desired. Otherwise, the concept of the Consent Agenda is that no discussion is deemed necessary and, at least in the case of items listed under Consent Agenda A, a single motion to approve, duly seconded, and followed by a majority vote, will suffice for approval.

6. Consent Agenda “A” (requiring a simple voice vote)

a. Minutes of Council Meeting held on 11/14/05 (See Attached) – City Clerk

b. Seven (7) Tax Refunds from the Vance County Tax Office (in the amount of $50.31) (See Attached) — Finance Director Jessica Brown-Linton

7. Consent Agenda “B” (requiring a roll call vote)

a. An Ordinance Inserting a Substitution Clause in the City’s Sign Regulations included in the Zoning Ordinance (See Attached) — Planning Director Erris Dunston and City Attorney John Zollicoffer

b. An Ordinance Directing the Code Administrator to Remove or Demolish the structure(s) herein described (804 Parkway Drive) as hazardous to the Public Health, Safety, and Welfare and Directing that a Notice be placed thereon that the same may not be Occupied (See Attached) – Code Compliance Director Corey Williams

c. An Ordinance Creating a 4-way Stop Sign at the intersection of Clark and Montgomery streets (as discussed at the Councils’ last meeting on 11/14/05) (See Attached) — City Engineer Frank Frazier and City Attorney John Zollicoffer

8. Public Hearings (to schedule or hold)

a. Continued Public Hearing (from Council Meetings on 10/10/05, 10/24/05 and 11/14/05) to consider the renewal and/or interim extension of the cablevision franchise to Time Warner Entertainment/Advance Newhouse – City Attorney, Mr. Brad Phillips and/or Ms. Cindy Ray with Time Warner Cable

9. Guest Presentation(s) and Public Comment Period

Notes on the Comment Period (authorized for use by Council initially at the Sept. 27, 2004, Regular Meeting): Each speaker, signing up to speak at the meeting, is asked to limit comments to three (3) minutes. Persons who are organizing a group presentation and who wish to speak beyond the three (3) minute limit are requested to make prior arrangements through either the Mayor’s Office (phone: 431-6007 or 431-6011) or the City Clerk’s Office (431-6033). In any event, any citizen wishing to speak during the comment period is asked to sign up with the City Clerk to speak prior to the meeting. A signup sheet will be provided by the City Clerk. Although the Mayor and Council are interested in hearing all concerns and observations, speakers should not necessarily expect specific Council action or deliberation on subject matter brought up during the public comment section. Topics requiring further investigation will be referred to the appropriate City official, staff member, Council Committee or agency as appropriate and may, if in order, be scheduled for a future meeting agenda. Thank you for your consideration of the Mayor, Council, City Staff and, in particular, other speakers and citizens.

a. By Ms. Iris Castellon-Dethmers regarding speed limit in residential areas of the Old West End Neighborhood (See Attached)

b. By Mr. Dave Stallings, 906 Abbott St.

c. By Ms. Donna Stearns regarding the 2006 United Way Campaign

10. Mayor, City Manager, City Attorney, CITY CLERK AND/OR OTHER STAFF REPORTS

a. Continuation of Water Plant Engineering Services of Earth Tech for Raw Water Facilities Project at the KLRWP along with Minutes from October Progress Meeting (See Attached) – Asst. City Manager Warren and Mr. Mike Acquesta with Earth Tech

b. Follow Up Report from 11/14/05 Council Meeting discussion — Safety conditions at former Vance Hotel site (See Attached) — City Manager and City Engineer Frank Frazier

c. “Tentative” Follow Up Report from 11/14/05 Council Meeting discussion relative to vacant positions (See Attached) — City Manager Eric Williams

d. Follow Up Report from 11/14/05 Council Meeting discussion regarding traffic signal at Ruin Creek Road/Graham Avenue intersection (See Attached) — City Engineer Frank Frazier

e. Follow Up Report from prior discussions — Deed from County’s 50% interest in Central Fire Station (See Attached) — City Manager Eric Williams and City Attorney John Zollicoffer


a. In response to request for proposals for legal services for the David Street Project, only one was received – Staff is recommending approval of James P. Green, Jr. to provide legal services (See Attached) – CDBG Program Manager Gwen Wright

12. Other Council Business, Committee reports and requests – as may be needed

a. Request by Chairman Rainey to schedule a Human Resources Committee Meeting for Monday, November 28th, 12:00 Noon — City Council Chambers – Chairman Rainey and Members Alston and Butler

b. Informational Reports requested by Council Member Yount:
* David Street CDBG Project
* Report from Police Chief Allen requested some time ago regarding statistics to evaluate pay grades for Police Officers

13. Possible “Add On Items” – Mayor, Council, City Attorney and/or City Manager

14. Calendar Notes

a. Monday, Nov. 28 — Meeting with Westover Terrace Homeowners Group — 10 a.m., City Council Chambers

b. Tuesday, Nov. 29 – Clean Up Henderson! Committee is sponsoring a Study Session on code enforcement (Wilmington Asst City Atty Delores Williams – Guest Speaker) – 9:30 a.m., Gary’s BBQ

c. Tuesday, Nov. 29 – Christmas “Lighting Ceremony” downtown – 6 p.m.

d. Wednesday, Nov. 30 — Noon at Henderson Country Club — November Industrial Relations Meeting (Guest Speaker: Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry) (See Attached)

e. Saturday, Dec. 3 – Christmas parade downtown, 4 p.m.

f. Monday, Dec. 5 — City Council meeting (swearing-in ceremony) — 7:30 p.m. — Council Chambers

g. Tuesday, Dec. 6 — Mayor/Council Retreat

h. Tuesday, Dec. 6 — North Carolina Volunteer Awards Program for Outstanding Volunteer Service — 6 p.m., Wildflower Café (See Attached)

i. Dec. 6-10 – NLC Meeting in Charlotte

j. Thursday, Dec. 8 — Community Partners’ Appreciation/Awards Luncheon — Noon—2 p.m., Henderson Convention Center (See Attached)

k. Thursday, Dec. 8 – Gang Awareness Workshop by Youth Services — 6-8 p.m. — Eaton-Johnson Cafeteria (See Attached)

l. Saturday, Dec. 10 — Annual Winter Coat Program sponsored by Henderson-Vance County Human Relations Commission — 9 a.m.-noon – Operations Center (See Attached)

m. Monday, Dec. 19 – Speak Up Henderson forum — 6 p.m. — Council Chambers

n. Monday, Dec. 19 — City Council meeting — 7:30 p.m. — Council Chambers

o. Friday, Dec. 23 and Monday, Dec. 26 — City offices closed — Christmas holidays

p. Monday, Jan. 2 — City offices closed — New Year’s holiday

q. Thursday, Jan. 5 – Employee Awards Banquet – VGCC Civic Center

15. Closed Session Request (if any) – If a Closed Session is called, the General Statutes allowing the Closed Session will be cited in the motion and the City Attorney will advise as needed.

16. Adjournment – by motion