Council lowers West End speed limit

Lonnie Davis, chair of the city’s Public Safety Committee, introduced an ordinance during Monday’s City Council meeting to lower the speed limit in the city’s West End to 25 miles per hour.

The motion was based on the recommendation of Davis’s committee.

The speed limit in Henderson is currently 35 miles per hour, except where otherwise posted.

The ordinance included a clause to the effect that the speed reduction would not begin until signs had been placed in the affected areas. The reason for this is that Public Works Director James Morgan was not certain if funds were available for the new signs. Costs were estimated at $540.

Two signs will be required for each of the affected nine streets. The speed limit will not effect Chestnut Street, Garnett Street, or Parham Street.

Earlier in the evening, Cathy Ringly and Iris Dethmers, both residents of the city’s Old West End, thanked the Public Safety Committee for considering their petition to lower the speed limit. Iris Dethmers had recently appeared before the council to admonish members for not acting on the petition sooner.