Report of the Public Utilities Committee

Because council member Bernard Alston, who chairs the committee, was not present at its meeting, committee member and council member Elissa Yount made the report to the council.

Yount first reported on the state of negotiations with Time Warner Cable. She told the council that due to restructuring under the new City Council that the contract was now under the Public Utilities Committee. Before the new council took office, the contract negotiations had been the province of the Land Planning and Development Committee. Yount recommended that the resumption of a public hearing on January 23 be postponed.

City Attorney John Zollicoffer advised the council that since the public hearing had already been held, it was not necessary to re-advertise the hearing.

Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert agreed to continue the hearing scheduled to resume at the council’s regular January 23 meeting.

Yount reported to the council that there would be an update meeting on the Water Intake Project on January 25 at 10:00 a.m. with a Public Utilities Committee to follow.

Seifert reported that he had signed a water contract extension on December 30. He told the council that he was attempting to arrange a signing ceremony for the newly negotiated contract on January 20.

Yount told the council that the Public Utilities Committee was concerned that the position for fire hydrant maintenance had not yet been filled. The council voted to unfreeze that position at its September 26 meeting. Seifert commented that hydrants should be numbered and mapped.

Fire Chief Danny Wilkerson indicated that the issue of numbering and mapping fire hydrants had come up in the maintenance report done during the state fire inspection.