Other committee reports from Jan. 9 meeting

Council member Elissa Yount reported for the Journal Committee on January 9 that new recording equipment has not yet been purchased. She also reported that city council members have not yet received city code books.

Newly elected council member Bobby Gupton, chair of the Land Planning and Development Committee, reported that no meeting had yet been held. He enumerated for the council several issues that his committee intends to deal with, including the Armory, ETJ authorization, and regulation of yard sales, an issue for which he is awaiting a recommendation from Erris Dunston, the city’s Planning Director.

Gupton advised the council that he was seeking advice on how to proceed with the sale of city property.

Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert commented that there was a potential to sell the properties by auction.

The old City Garage, the former Police Department, Coghill land, and property on Ross Mill Road are some of the city properties that are currently being considered for sale. It is anticipated that the proceeds from the sales will go towards propping up the city’s fund balance.

City Attorney John Zollicoffer reported on a city ordinance requiring a fifty-foot rear setback line. He informed the council that traditionally this line as been interpreted to be perpendicular to the property line, but he could find no justification for this interpretation in the ordinance itself. He told the council that the ordinance needs to be changed to reflect the will of the council.

The discussion stemmed from one of the buildings recently constructed at the site of the new Dabney Exchange. One point of the building’s rear setback line is fifty feet back, but not the entire line. It was unclear if the situation would require a variance to the ordinance.

The motion to refer the matter to the Planning Board carried unanimously.

Council member Ranger Wilkerson reported for the newly formed Search and Transition Committee that advertisements to hire a permanent City Manager had begun. He stated that advertisements would need to be placed in publications for which the city would have to pay.