City Council agenda for tonight

Here’s the City Council agenda for this evening:

1. Call to Order – Mayor Seifert

2. Roll Call – City Clerk

3. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance – Council Member Evans

4. Opening Remarks – Mayor Seifert

a. Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Preparation Award for FY 2005-06 (See Attached)

5. Adjustments to and/or approval of the January 23rd, 2006 Meeting agenda – Mayor, City Council, Manager and or City Clerk

6. Consent Agenda “A” (requiring a simple voice vote)

a. Minutes of Council Meeting held on 1/9/06 (See Attached) – City Clerk

b. Three (3) Tax Refunds from the Vance County Tax Office in the amount of $31.36 (See Attached) – Asst City Manager Mark

c. Approval of Residential Antidisplacement and Relocation Assistance Plan under Section 104(d) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as Amended in connection with the David Street CDBG Project (See Attached) – Community Development Chairman Daeke

d. Approval of Housing Rehabilitation Specialist for CDBG David Street Project (only one proposal was received and that was from Mike Inscoe) (See Attached) – Community Development Chairman Daeke

7. Consent Agenda “B” (requiring a roll call vote)

None known at agenda preparation time

8. Public Hearings (to schedule or hold)

a. Continued Public Hearing (from several Council Meetings, the most recent being November 28th, 2005) to consider the renewal and/or interim extension of the cablevision franchise to Time Warner Entertainment/Advance Newhouse – Mayor, Public Utilities Chairman Alston, City Attorney Zollicoffer and or representatives from Time Warner Cable

9. Guest Presentation(s) and Public Comment Period

Special Note: The Mayor and Council, at a Retreat held on 12/6/05, decided to make “Speak Up Henderson” part of the City Council Meetings beginning with the first Regular Meeting in January, 2006. Each guest, signing up to speak at the meeting, is asked to limit comments to five (5) minutes. Anyone wishing to speak during this comment period is asked to sign up with the City Clerk prior to the start of the Council Meeting. A sign up sheet will be provided by the Clerk. Although the Mayor and Council are interested in hearing all concerns and observations, speakers should not necessarily expect specific Council action or deliberation on subject matter brought up during the public comment section. Topics requiring further investigation will be referred to the appropriate City official, staff member, Council Committee or agency as appropriate and may, if in order, be scheduled for a future meeting agenda. Speakers are reminded that individual personnel issues are confidential by law and will not be discussed. Complaints relative to specific individuals are to be directed to the City Manager.

Thank you for your consideration of the Mayor, Council, City Staff and, in particular, other speakers and citizens.

10. pending matters – City Council committees

a. Finance and Intergovernmental Relations Committee (FAIR) – Chairman Harper
– Deed to Fire Station
– Contract-Maintenance of State Roads
– Snow and Ice Removal Contract
– Mike Acquesta/Earth Tech Contract
– KLRWP 20 MGD Expansion
– Close Out Embassy Streetscape Project
– Cost of Street Lights
– Appraisal of Library Building on Rose Avenue
– Decriminalize Penalties
– Energy Savings
– Joint City/County (Intergovernmental Relations) Committee Mtg (1/31)
– Collection of Civil Penalties, Fines, and Liens per Dept
– Final Bill from The Ferguson Group
– Status of both Audits
– Library Board Request
– City Priorities for State Legislators
– Timeline for FY 2006-07 Budget

b. Community Development Committee – Chairman Daeke
– DDC parking request
– Sign Ordinance
– Commercial Building Code
– CDBG Projects Update(s)

c. Public Safety Committee – Chairman Davis
– Ambulance Contract Update
– Report from Public Forum on Community Safety held 1/11
– Chief of Police Report – HPD Needs
– Cameron Drive/Sagefield/Oakdale Circle Safety Matters
– SRO Update Report/Resolution of Concern (from 12/19 Council Meeting)

d. Public Works Committee – Chairman Wilkerson
– Chavasse Avenue Widening Project (letter sent to Rep. Crawford on 1/10-See Attached)
– Westover Terrace matter Update
– Sanitation/Back Door Pick – Study Report Pending

e. Public Utilities Committee – Chairman Alston
– Time Warner Contract terms
– KLRWP Intake Project Update (status on letter to Thalle/Change Orders approved at 1/9 Council Mtg)
– Water Storage Contract Update
– Maintenance of Water Hydrants/Position

f. Human Resources Committee – Chairman Evans

g. Journal Committee – Chairman Yount
– Recording Equipment
– Office Organization
– City Code Books and latest Supplement
– Council Committee Minutes on file in Notebooks in Clerk’s Office
– Website Update
– Written Policy for Closed Session Minutes

h. Land Planning and Development Committee – Chairman Gupton
– Disposition of Armory
– ETJ Authorization
– Dabney Exchange (4 ft. variance matter)
– Planning Board Reports
– Amortization Ordinance
– Regulation of Yard Sales
– Sale of City owned properties
– City Council Tour of Library on 1/11

i. Mayor
– City Priorities (Federal and State)


a. Search and Transition Committee
b. Mayor’s Task Force on Housing
c. Clean Up Henderson! Committee
d. Homelessness Committee
e. 911 Advisory Committee
f. Kerr-Tar Council of Governments
g. Vance County Tourism
h. Economic Development Partnership
i. Advisory Committee – Southeastern High Speed Rail

12. Other Council Business, scheduling of Committee Meetings, etc. – as may be needed

a. Appointments needed as follows:

1) Henderson-Vance Economic Partnership, Inc. (to replace Mr. Gupton)
2) Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce Board (Alternate)
3) Firemen’s Supplemental Retirement Board (to replace former Council Member Wester)
4) Henderson-Vance Industrial Park Corporation (to replace former Council Member Rainey)

13. Possible “Add On Items” – Mayor, Council, Manager, Attorney and/or City Clerk

a. Remarks/Statement by Council Member Davis

b. Resolution of Intent relative to closing “Division Street” pending recommendation/approval by the Land Planning Committee on Friday, 1/20 (See Attached) – Land Planning Chairman Gupton, City Engineer Frazier and/or City Attorney Zollicoffer

c. Several Budget Amendments pending recommendation/approval by the FAIR Committee on Friday, 1/20 – FAIR Chairman Harper and Asst City Manager Warren

d. List of surplus items for sale at City Auction to be held 2/13-2/17 pending recommendation/approval by the FAIR Committee on Friday, 1/20 – FAIR Chairman Harper and Asst City Manager Warren

14. Calendar Notes, etc.

a. 2006 NCLM Regional Meetings (See Attached) – Mayor and City Clerk

b. Friday, January 20th – FAIR Committee Meeting, 1 PM, City Hall Conference Room

c. Friday, January 20th – Land Planning Committee Meeting, 3 PM, City Hall Conference Room

d. Monday, January 23rd – Legislative Meeting “State of the District Forum” sponsored by Congressman G. K. Butterfield, 5:30 PM, Vance County Commissioners Meeting Room (See Attached)

e. Wednesday, January 25th – as follows:

ï‚· 10 AM – Raw Water Intake Progress Meeting – KLRWP
ï‚· 11 AM – KLRWS Advisory (Partners) Meeting – KLRWP

f. Thursday, January 26th – Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet – 6:30 PM, Civic Center at VGCC

g. Tuesday, January 31st – Joint City/County (Intergovernmental Relations) Committee Meeting, 4 PM, HPD Conference Room

h. Monday, February 13th – next Henderson City Council Meeting, 7 PM, City Hall

15. Closed Session Request (if any) – If a Closed Session is called, the General Statutes allowing the Closed Session will be cited in the motion and the City Attorney will advise as needed.

16. Adjournment – by motion