Other topics at intergovernmental meeting

A range of topics in addition to the library were discussed at the Intergovernmental Meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

* County Manager Jerry Ayscue reported that he had just received an appraisal on the Rose Avenue library building. He said he would make copies available.

* Interim City Manager Jerry Moss told assembled members that he was in possession of a newly drawn deed to the city’s Central Fire Station. It was recently discovered that the land upon which the fire station was constructed was never properly deeded off to the city when the fire station was constructed. Moss informed the committee that the property line between the fire station and the Armory had been redrawn along the drainage ditch that runs between the two structures.

* Henderson City Council member Bobby Gupton reported that he had visited the Armory. He stated to members that he had seen no major structural damage. He asked the county commissioners who were present for a resolution from the county regarding the disposition of the Armory.

Lynn Harper, the Henderson City Council member who chaired the meeting, added that “preserving” is not necessarily “retaining ownership”.

County commissioner Tommy Hester commented that he did not know where the money would be found to preserve the Armory. He told members that he would rather see the money go into city or county coffers.

Henderson City Council member Elissa Yount, who was present at the meeting as a spectator, commented that the idea was to preserve the Armory, not for “us” to preserve it.

Hester informed those present that an appraisal for repair had already been done. He gave contact information so that the previous appraisal could be reviewed.

* Sam Jones spoke to the committee regarding the collection of delinquent taxes. According to Jones, $171,457 were taken from state tax returns and sent to the city and county for past due 2004 taxes. He also stated that more taxes were collected because of letters that were sent out informing delinquent taxpayers that their state tax returns would be set off for such a purpose. Jones also told members that the services of an attorney in Granville County had been retained for the purpose of foreclosing on the properties of those in arrears on their taxes.

Hester added that no attorney in Vance County had been willing to do the foreclosures.

* The committee was updated on the purchase of new voting equipment. Poll workers must be trained on the new system before the May primary.

* Hester expressed concern that there is currently no certified pool operator at the Aycock Recreation Center. Harper assured Hester that the problem is being addressed. The position is currently frozen by the city.

* The Intergovernmental Committee agreed to step up meetings to every 45 days.