County agenda for tonight’s meeting

Some topics that will be discussed at tonight’s Vance County Board of Commissioner’s meeting:

* Sherrif R. Thomas Breedlove will present for approval a grant application for the 2006 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program along with a plan for the expenditure of funds. The total amount of the grant is $15,831 with $6,332.40 going to the Vance County Sherrif’s Office and the balance to the Henderson Police Department. Breedlove plans to spend the money on items ranging from 12-gauge shotguns to memory sticks.

* County Assistant Director/Senior Planner Ken Krulik will present the final draft of the county’s Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map. This draft has not yet received the approval of the board.

* Finance Officer Jerry Tucker will present three budget amendments to the board. The first amendment will appropriate grant funds to the animal shelter for minor repairs to the building and grounds. The second amendment will appropriate grant funds from the Home Care Community Block Grant and Sate General Purpose funds to the Senior Center. The third amendment will appropriate additional state and federal funds for heating aid and will not require county funds.

* Human Resources Director Argretta Reid will present to the board a Bereavement Leave Police and a policy on Unlawful Workplace Harassment. She will also brief the commissioners on the National Association of Counties Discount Card prescription drug program.

* County Manager Jerry Ayscue will recommend that the county allow the Department of Social Services to proceed with employment for a vacant Income Maintenance Caseworker III position, a Community Social Services Tech position, and the Social Services Director postion which is vacant due to a resignation. He will also recommend that the Vance County Jail be allowed to fill three vacant Correctional Officer positions.

Ayscue will also recommend that members be appointed to a Citizens Advisory Committee whose purpose will be to review the proposed county zoning ordinance. The names of prospective committee members were being confirmed when the press packet was compiled and therefore was not made available to Home in Henderson by the close of business on February 3.

The county manager will recommend that the firm of Phillips, Dorsey, Thomas, Waters, & Brafford, P.A. be awarded a contract for audit services for fiscal 2006, 2007, and 2008 for $31,500, $33,000, and $34,500 respectively. The county’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Ayscue plans to recommend that commissioners approve an application for $534,631 in ADM funds from the Public School Building Capital Fund for use in renovating and repairing various school facilities as identified by the Vance County Board of Education.

Commissioners will also hear a recommendation that $15,344 be appropriated by the county to the H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library to equalize funding of the facility by the city and the county. The original figure proposed by the city, generated by former city manager Eric Williams, had put the county behind by $23,000. The topic was discussed at the Intergovernmental Committee January 31 meeting and it was left to the city and county managers to reach a compromise figure.