Anti-zoning sign campaign begins

no zoning
Dan Brummit and Rusty McMahon display a sign from

“We don’t want to be told what to do with our land,” Rusty McMahon told Home in Henderson after the meeting of the Vance County Board of Commissioners on Monday night.

McMahon, who appears to be the spokesman for the anti-zoning movement in Vance County, told Home in Henderson that he would like to see a referendum on the issue.

“We just found out eleventh hour fifty-ninth minute,” McMahon said.

A concerned citizen, who spoke to Home in Henderson on condition of anonymity, said that he is miffed because people are not being informed. He believes that Vance County’s problems can be solved by other means. Zoning is not a panacea for him.

The anti-zoning group is receiving assistance in the form of signs from, a group co-chaired by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey. The group has a state chapter in North Carolina. When Home in Henderson spoke to McMahon and the concerned citizen, it is believed that signs were in the process of being placed.

According to the concerned citizen, opponents to zoning have the same objectives as county commissioners do, presumably regarding the stated objectives of zoning. He believes that zoning is not the reason that industry is not coming. He also stated that meetings are being held “under the radar”.

For McMahon, zoning “won’t cure everything”. He wants to address other items concerning government and Vance County first.