Other events at city council

Here are some other events at the last city council:

* City Clerk Dianne White announced that the meeting for that night would be recorded by the established analog method and also digitally by Analog-Digital Solutions. The Clerk’s Office is currently in the process of investigating new meeting recording techniques with the consent of the council.

* Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert announced that council member Bernard Alston had been appointed by the North Carolina League of Municipalities to serve on the Community of Economic Development Committee. The purpose of that committee is to make recommendations on policy issues to the National League of Cities. The announcement was received by general applause.

* Seifert announced that the city has received the Government Finance Officer’s Association’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award which he presented to Assistant City Manager Mark Warren.

* The council approved a sidewalk sale for Saturday, March 18, to run concurrently with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Chili Cook-Off.

* The council voted unanimously to change its regular meeting on Monday, March 13 to Wednesday, March 15. Although it was not the intent of the council, this eliminates the conflict that was created when the Vance County Board of Commissioners moved their regular meeting from March 6 to March 13 because of a conference in Washington.

* The council passed a motion that the FAIR Committee and Public Utility Committee work with Vance County as the county attempts to establish a county-wide water system. That motion passed unanimously.

* Community Development Committeee Chair Garry Daeke announced that the Downtown Development Commission had decided not to pursue a requested change in downtown parking regulations.

He also commented that the proposed sign ordinance would need some work. He said that research had begun with ordinances from similarly-sized cities, and that Henderson’s was a little too strict in some places and too lax in others. He estimated 3-5 months for revisions.

As for the commercial building code, Daeke commented that work needs to be done with the state legislature in the form of help with general statutes.

Regarding the CDBG projest, Daeke reported that the city is waiting for a response from the state regarding a conflict of interest. The only interest the city received when it solicited for a housing rehabilitation specialist was from Mike Inscoe who owns property in the area, prompting the need for a conflict of interest determination from the state.

* Seifert reported that Young Avenue Apartments was undergoing a change of ownership as well as major renovations. He reported that the name of the establishment will change as well. He promised an update for the council.

* Debate continued regarding costs to rehabilitate the Armory. It was asserted by Land Planning and Development Chair Bobby Gupton that the $1.1 million figure for repair to the Armory is an estimate that includes complete renovation. He brought forward an estimate that the roof could be repaired for $115,000 with a 20 year warranty.

* Authorization to enforce zoning in the ETJ was discussed. Although the council has the legal ability to enforce zoning in the ETJ, it has never voted itself the authority to do so since the ETJ was created. There was discussion of creating a “test area” where enforcement could be tried on a preliminary basis. There was also discussion as to whether or not such an area would be legal.

* The yard sale regulation was to be given to City Attorney John Zollicoffer to be put into ordinance form.