Code enforcement in ETJ discussed

Henderson City Council member Elissa Yount told the Land Planning and Development Committee at their February 15 meeting that the city needs to enforce its codes in the ETJ.

Yount stressed to members, as she often has, that the city has the ability to enforce, but that it simply has not chosen to do it. She stated that “we still as a council have not enacted the responsibility to patrol the ETJ”.

Interim City Manager Jerry Moss asked if members wanted to start enforcing outside of the city before cleaning house inside.

“If we need to, we can,” Yount replied.

Land Planning and Development member Garry Daeke suggested that one or two entry places to the city be picked. He suggested that City Attorney John Zollicoffer might guide members as to whether or not it is discriminatory to only enforce in select areas.

Also at the meeting:

* Brokers have not officially been notified of city properties that are for sale. Those properties are, however, on the city’s website and have been getting plenty of hits.

* For Division Street to be closed, a notice must be posted at the street for four weeks and it must be advertised before the closing.

* The mimimum building setback will be clarified as 50 feet at all points from the property line or street.

* The main issues at the old police station were identified as the electrical system and the thermostat.