Agenda for tonight’s council meeting

Here is the agenda for tonight’s Henderson City Council meeting:

1. Call to Order – Mayor Seifert

2. Roll Call – City Clerk

3. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance – Council Member Evans

4. Opening Remarks – Mayor Seifert

5. Adjustments to and/or approval of the February 27th, 2006 Meeting agenda – Mayor, City Council, Manager and or City Clerk

6. Consent Agenda “A” (requiring a simple voice vote)

a. Minutes of Council Meeting held on 2/13/06 (See Attached) – City Clerk

b. Certification of Local Government Approval for Non-Profit Organizations (See Attached) – Mayor Seifert

7. Consent Agenda “B” (requiring a roll call vote)

a. Budget Amendment No. 26 — General Fund (Police Department) (See Attached) — FAIR Committee Chairman Harper and/or City Manager Jerry Moss

b. An Ordinance Regulating Yard Sales (See Attached) – Land Planning Committee Chairman Gupton and/or Planning Director Erris Dunston

8. Public Hearings (to schedule or hold)

Special Note: Relative to a and b below, the public hearings were originally set at the Council’s last meeting to be held on 2/27/06; however, public hearing notice requirement was not met.

a. Request to set a Public Hearing (at the Council’s Meeting on 3/15/06) on An Ordinance Exempting Government Sponsored Signs from the Zoning Sign Regulations – Community Development Committee Chairman Daeke and/or Planning Director Erris Dunston

b. Request to set a Public Hearing (at the Council’s Meeting on 3/27/06) on An Ordinance Inserting a Substitution Clause in the City’s Sign Regulations included in the Zoning Ordinance – Community Development Committee Chairman Daeke and/or Planning Director Erris Dunston

9. Guest Presentation(s) and Public Comment Period

a. Report – Representative(s) from Henderson-Vance County Human Relations Commission

10. Pending matters – City Council committees

a. Finance and Intergovernmental Relations Committee (FAIR) – Chairman Harper
– Contract-Maintenance of State Roads
– Snow and Ice Removal Contract
– Mike Acquesta/Earth Tech Contract
– Close Out Embassy Streetscape Project
– Appraisal of Library Building on Rose Avenue
– Collection of Civil Penalties, Fines, and Liens per Dept
– Budget Amendment (See agenda item 7a)

b. Community Development Committee – Chairman Daeke
– Commercial Building Code
– CDBG Projects Update(s)
– Beacon Light Apartments Complex

c. Public Safety Committee – Chairman Davis
– Chief of Police Report – HPD Needs
– Cameron Drive/Sagefield/Oakdale Circle Safety Matters
– Pedestrian Walk at Maria Parham Medical Center
– Gang Graffiti Ordinance

d. Public Works Committee – Chairman Wilkerson
– Chavasse Avenue Widening Project
– Westover Terrace matter Update
– Sanitation Collection

e. Public Utilities Committee – Chairman Alston
– Time Warner Contract terms
– KLRWP Intake Project Update
– Water Storage Contract Update
– Maintenance of Water Hydrants/Position
– Interbasin Transfer (IBT)

f. Human Resources Committee – Chairman Evans
– Status of Frozen/Budgeted Positions

g. Journal Committee – Chairman Yount
– Further investigation into recording equipment and/or decision to purchase
– Written Policy for Closed Session Minutes (procedure to approve closed session minutes)

h. Land Planning and Development Committee – Chairman Gupton
– Armory Update
– ETJ Authorization vote
– Clarification of 50 foot Setback
– Amortization Ordinance (Public Hearing scheduled for 3/15/06)
– Regulation of Yard Sales (See agenda 7b)
– Sale of City owned properties Update

i. Mayor
– Federal and State Priorities (vote to approve)
– Vance County Tourism position

j. City Manager
– Report on City Surplus Auction


a. Search and Transition Committee
b. Mayor’s Task Force on Housing
c. Clean Up Henderson! Committee
d. Homelessness Committee
e. 911 Advisory Committee
f. Kerr-Tar Council of Governments
g. Vance County Tourism
h. Economic Development Partnership
i. Advisory Committee – Southeastern High Speed Rail
j. Henderson-Vance Industrial Park Board

12. Other Council Business, scheduling of Committee Meetings, etc. – as may be needed

a. Request for Council blessing/approval of 2006 JAG application and opportunity for public comment (See Attached) – Police Chief Glen Allen

b. Preliminary 2005 Annual Report for the Henderson Police Department (to be distributed) – Police Chief Glen Allen

c. Award of Bids – Library Computer Software and Hardware (See Attached) – Perry Library Director Jeanne Fox and/or City Manager Jerry Moss

d. Chamber of Commerce Report (Mr. Daeke)

e. Update – Embassy Report/Senator Burr Visit (Ms. Yount)

13. Possible “Add On Items” – Mayor, Council, Manager, Attorney and/or City Clerk

a. An Ordinance Repealing an Ordinance Permitting Storing of Building Materials on Streets or Sidewalks (See Attached) – City Manager Jerry Moss and/or City Attorney John Zollicoffer

b. An Ordinance Changing the Compensation Rate for City Employees for Special Requested Trash Pickups (See Attached) – City Manager Jerry Moss and/or City Attorney John Zollicoffer

c. An Ordinance to Provide that Civil Penalties Will Not Normally be Tolled in the event extensions of time are granted for Compliance After the Penalty Commences (See Attached) – City Manager Jerry Moss and/or City Attorney John Zollicoffer

14. Calendar Notes, INFO ITEM(S), ETC.

a. Thursday, February 23rd, Public Utilities Committee Meeting, 4 PM – City Hall Conference Room

b. Friday, February 24th, Human Resources Committee Meeting, 11 AM – City Hall Conference Room

c. Friday, February 24th, Tour of Recreational Facilities, leaving from City Hall at 1 PM

d. Friday, February 24th, FAIR Committee Meeting, 3 PM – City Hall Conference Room

e. Friday, February 24th, Land Planning Committee Meeting, 4 PM – City Hall Conference Room

f. Tuesday, February 28th, Search & Transition Committee Meeting, 4 PM – City Hall Conference Room

g. Wednesday, March 1st, Raw Water Intake Project Update Meeting, 10 AM – KLRWP

h. Wednesday, March 1st, KLRWS Advisory Board Meeting, 11 AM – KLRWP

i. Thursday, March 9th, Business After Hours, 5:30 PM – Crossroads Christian School (See Attached)

j. March 11-15, 2006, NLC Meeting in Washington, DC – Mayor and Council Members Alston and Davis

k. Monday, March 13th, Annual Leslie Perry Library Luncheon, 12 Noon – at the NEW Library

l. Wednesday, March 15th – next Henderson City Council Meeting, 7 PM, City Hall

m. Saturday, March 18th – St Patrick’s Day Parade, 2:30 PM, Downtown Henderson

n. Remaining 2006 NCLM Regional Meetings as follows – Mayor and City Clerk

* Nags Head on 3/3
* Charlotte on 3/31
* Boone on 4/19
* Southern Pines on 4/26