FAIR Committee to discuss revenue

Here is the agenda the FAIR Committee was to have followed for today’s meeting. Home in Henderson had hoped to provide coverage of the meeting, as there seems to be lots going on, but our pesky paying job keeps getting in the way:

Fair Committee Meeting — Agenda for March 22, 2006, 3:00 PM, City Hall Conference Room

1. Welcome, review of meeting rules, approval of minutes for 2-24-06

2. Immediate plans to Increase Revenue

a. Update on Civil Penalties — Charges and collections by department — code compliance, sanitation, police, fire, wastewater treatment, and other. Update on police department’s looking for test cases for civil penalties on junked vehicles as reported at 2-24 meeting.

b. Update on city collecting past due liens for demolitions collecting funds for summary abatements, past due business licenses, or other sources of revenues, debt set-off program–amount collected so far in debt set-off program.

c. Proposed ordinance relative to pickup of building materials — Mr. Moss

d. Ordinance on Sprinklers and Hydrant Charges–will increase revenue by approximately $30,000 next year.

e. Parking Ticket Revenues.

3. Immediate Plans to Reduce Expenses

a. Energy Savings–street lights–update on NC Energy Savings Dept.’s recommendation that Henderson renegotiate with Progress Energy

4. Current Budget Issues

a. Receipt of letter from Local Government Council

b. Take Home Vehicle Policy

5. Budget Planning

a. FAIR Committee tour of Recreation Department facilities–Aycock Center and Fox’s Pond Park

b. Binders containing each city department’s initial budget requests were distributed to FAIR Committee members by the City Manager’s office.

6. Intergovernmental Relationship with County Commissioners

a. Agenda for March 30, 4:00 pm Intergovernmental Meeting with County.

7. Mission Statement–FAIR Committee asked to create a mission statement. The following statement has been proposed for approval:

The mission of the Finance and Intergovernmental Relations Committee (FAIR) Committee is to manage the city’s money to provide the most benefits for the taxpayers at the least cost as well as to maximize the city’s relationship with other government entities.

8. Summary of Items above that will be presented to Council on March 27.

9. Next FAIR Committee meeting–March 29, 2005, 3:00 pm, City Hall Conference Room