Wednesday’s open line

As to the comparing Police Chief Glen Allen’s figures with those of Henderson City Council member Bobby Gupton, we are at work on a piece that we hope to complete as time allows vis-a-vis our paying job. We certainly intend to make the pertinent pages of both documents available to readers. Alas, some pieces can be done fast and right and some can just be done right, and this piece is one of the latter.

A frequent commentor on Home in Henderson asked us to make the following point for discussion on today’s open line: acknowleding what Mr. Gupton says is true regarding median salary for law enforcement officers in Henderson, it is still the case that many agencies within commuting distance pay consistently more for the same experience. Essentially, Henderson does not compete with towns of the same size, but must contend with larger agencies in Durham, Raleigh, and Wake Forest for personnel resources.

What are your thoughts?