Allen to leave HPD?


Yesterday, Home in Henderson came upon this headline from WMPM’s web site in Clayton:

Henderson Police Chief Offered Job As Clayton’s Top Cop
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The short WMPM article states that Allen is expected to be named to the position of Clayton’s police chief in the next few days.

When Home in Henderson contacted Henderson Police Chief Glen Allen for a comment at the police department this morning, he informed us that he has “submitted no resignation” to the City of Henderson.

“I’ve been in contact with Clayton about the chief’s position,” Allen said.

When asked if there was any reason Allen was looking to leave Henderson, he said: “It’s not an appropriate way to phrase that. When a good opportunity presents itself, it’s logical that my family and I would consider it.”

Allen also stated that any announcement about the position of Clayton Police Chief should come from officials in Clayton.

Allen, a Henderson native, has served as the Henderson Police Chief since October of 1997. He took the position from over from Chief Melvin Smith, who retired from the department when Allen was hired from the Wilson Police Department.